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UMH Proxy Statement - 20174/21/2017
Sidoti & Company Spring 2017 Convention Investor Presentation3/29/2017
UMH Investor Presentation - March, 20173/21/2017
UMH 4Q2016 Earnings Call Transcript3/9/2017
UMH 4Q and Year-End 2016 Financial Supplement3/8/2017
UMH Investor Presentation - February, 20172/28/2017
UMH Dividend Taxability- 20161/27/2017
UMH Investor Presentation – January, 20171/23/2017
UMH Investor Presentation – December, 201612/22/2016
NAREIT’s REITWorld Convention Investor Presentation11/15/2016
UMH 3Q2016 Transcript November 9, 201611/9/2016
UMH Investor Presentation - November, 201611/9/2016
UMH 3Q2016 Financial Supplement11/8/2016
PSA Investor Forum Investor Presentation10/5/2016
Remarks of Eugene W. Landy, Chairman, to be given at the Philadelphia Securities Association Investor Presentation10/5/2016
UMH Investor Presentation - August, 20168/29/2016
UMH 2Q2016 Earnings Call Transcript8/5/2016
UMH 2Q2016 Financial Supplement8/4/2016
UMH Investor Presentation - July, 20167/1/2016
UMH 1Q2016 Earnings Call Transcript5/10/2016
UMH 1Q2016 Financial Supplement5/9/2016
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Trading Symbol:UMH
Market Value ($M):497.82
Stock Quote: $ 16.14
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As of April 27, 2017
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